Twist Gallery

June 3rd - 26th, 2020

I am excited to announce that between June 3rd and 26th, I  will once again be exhibiting my work at Twist Gallery in downtown Toronto. You will be able to see my Alcohol Ink work- up close and personal. The opening event will be held on June 4th, between 6:00pm and 9:00pm so I hope to see you there.

Exhibit dates: June 3rd - 26th

Opening Event: June 4th 2020, 6:00pm-9:00pm

Twist Gallery: 1100 Queen Street West, Toronto

Interior Design Show

Jan 15th - 19th, 2020

I feel honored and thrilled that my work was chosen for the Interior Design Show this year. To be showcasing my art at such a huge event, alongside some of the best design firms and artists in the world, was very exciting! The show lasted only 4 days at the Metro Toronto Convention centre. But, Oh Boy! Was it amazing! There were Key note speakers, international trend setters, amazing designs … and, of course, there was ME !

I brought back a few of my most popular pieces, and never before seen art. From the “hot and sunny” beach scenes to the “dark and stormy” abstracts. I’ve had the pleasure to meet, network and party with industry professionals, sell a few of my bigger art pieces and get custom orders that I’m so excited to get started on. ⠀

My biggest takeaway from this year’s show is that creativity, truly, has no boundaries. But above all, I got a massive dose of inspiration and ideas that are bubbling inside me. And I plan to have fun with that.⠀

Twist Gallery

Nov 2nd - Dec 13th, 2019

Can I just say that this was such a surreal experience, seeing my artwork on the walls of this beautiful space adorned by French Arch windows, overlooking the city streets. 

I really wanted to thank everyone for stopping by my art exhibition at Twist Gallery. I was overwhelmed with emotion by the love and your words of encouragement. I was so happy to see everyone and meet new friends!

 At the exhibit you could see a collection of bold-colored works, that depict a very important phase of my life. The phase where I transition and evolve as an artist that was thirsty for new experiences, curious about what’s ahead, and full of creative energy spilling and pouring (quite literally) for all to see and interpret. 

You would have seen the ocean and shore depictions inspired by my love of island life and the intoxicating smell of saltwater; as well as dark and moody pieces, full of drama and Swarovski crystals. If you stopped and stared for just one moment, you might have noticed my wild side in perfect harmony with my cool and collected one. You would have seen me.