Anna T. - Fredericton, NB, Canada - "Unbelievable work of art, I cant stop looking at it. Kat's work is very deep, unique, and artistic. She is also very responsive and is a pleasure to deal with."

Masha K. - Toronto, ON, Canada - "Kat seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to her art. She feels and knows very intuitively how best to maneuver her medium, and when to just let it go freely - creating incredible, beautiful, and meaningful art that leaves its audience in awe, letting them interpret its meaning in whichever way they please."

Dennis T. R. -Fredericton, NB, Canada- "Deep, tastefully soulful art that touch you deep inside""

Katerina S.  -Mississauga, ON, Canada - "Its Perfect. I look at this painting whenever I need to find peace"